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I wanted to say a few brief words on where we are and where we are going.

Congress member Giffords assassination attempt and what it means

By this time we have all heard of the assassination attempt on the life of Arizona Congress member Giffords. The damage done by a single person was immense, ending the lives of 6 people, wounding Congress member Giffords, more than a dozen others and affecting the lives of their families and the country.

I am not sure what this attack says about our society. I would like to think that this is an isolated attack that was a first. Unfortunately, it is merely one of many that seem to occur on a regular basis.

It is also one that I think was preventable and could have been prevented in a number of different ways.

Some people have blamed certain former office-holders like Sharon Engle and Sarah Palin.

Others place blame on certain media like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage who seem to actively attempt to incite people to take out their frustrations on liberals and Democrats.


Personally I think we have larger problems than the words of former politicians and hate speech. I think we have a much broader problem in where we are with our country.

When people don’t have an income, are struggling to survive and can’t feed or clothe their children they are fertile ground for seeking someone to blame. Sarah, Glenn and Rush simply sow fertile ground and give a direction for people to get out their frustrations.

Studies show that when countries have large disparities in wealth, the difference between the wealthiest and the rest of the population, those countries have the worst mental health, worst violence, worst poverty, least opportunities to improve one’s position and a host of other problems. Go to to see the details.

Our country has become one of the most un-equal countries on the planet. This makes it all too easy for people to seek to blame those in office and to act irrationally.


Because of what has happened in this country over the past 30 years with the drastic contraction of the middle class and particularly during the Bush Administration, the disparity of wealth in this country has reached its zenith. We need to make significant changes to the way we do business in this country.

We need to change the current “Free Market Economy” which is anything BUT free. Instead of free it trends to monopoly and the middle and lower class get squeezed and struggle simply to survive while the rich get even richer.

We have to change our whole concept of an industrial economy, of building things. A country made up of the middle class is a concept that began here in the United States. The Industrial Revolution made our country the preeminent power on the planet. We have gone away from those ideas. We have allowed our industry to be moved by the factory-load out of our country to countries that actively compete against us.

We have to become producers again. We have to make our economy one where the financial and tax incentives for business is to build here and create jobs here instead of what we currently have where the incentives are to create jobs in other countries because they can:

1) Pollute in other countries,

2) Don’t have to worry about worker safety laws in other countries and

3) Don’t have to pay workers more than a dollar a day.

Ronald Reagan’s former budget director recently said that we have reached a point of no return due to our economy.

We have to move our economy back home. Once we do that the jobs will be here and not in other countries. We have to have our government change to make the incentives to produce here.

The reason that I am speaking today is out of a grave concern for the world in which my children are growing up.

It used to be that there was never a question that our children would have a better standard of living than we have.

It used to be that we would not have to worry about getting an education and making it in the world.

All that has changed in my lifetime.

One person made a difference for evil in Tucson, Arizona. We here are the ones who can make a difference because there is no one else who can act. We CAN and MUST make a difference!